European House Borer

Many insects attack seasoned timber. Containers with exposed timber components imported into Australia must be free of infestation.

Exposed timber used in the construction of containers should be permanently treated to AQIS requirements and the containers registered to minimise quarantine impediments in Australia. Or the container should be fumigated with methyl bromide or sulphuryl fluoride and packed or shipped within 21 days and refumigated for every subsequent trip to Australia. Cargo Network International Pty Ltd can carry out quarantine requirements at our depot.

There are no specific quarantine requirements for containers constructed without exposed timber, other than freedom from soil, plant material and contamination from animal products.

Timber packing materials should be permanently treated with a preservative or temporarily disinfested. Containers in which straw, rice hulls or similar plant material has been used as packing must be unpacked in order to destroy the packing material. Quarantine problems will be reduced if these materials are not used. Acceptable alternatives include metal frames, shredded paper, fibreboard, synthetic foams and plastics and similar materials.