Customs Quarantine

Cargo Network International Pty Ltd also provides a wide range of air and ocean cargo transportation services to the Australian export market. One of the directors of the company, Rob Roberti, is a member of the Australian Export Institute and provides comprehensive consultancy to organisations looking at entering the global trading market place.

Cargo Network International Pty Ltd Pty Ltd (CNI) has a dedicated Barrier Clearance Section encompassing a Customs and Quarantine Clearance department, which specialises in the clearance of all cargoes through both Customs and Quarantine barriers working through the complexities of Government regulations with our clients.

CNI have dedicated Licenced Customs Brokers who have more than 25 years experience in clearing a vast range of commodities through Australian airports, wharves and parcels post. Our brokers have outstanding professional relationships with the relevant authorities, enabling a perfect understanding of what is required.

CNI arrange personal attendance of their brokers to attend any examinations or inspections, to ensure the goods are cleared efficiently and within government guidelines. This personal attention is a reassuring factor the CNI take a lot of care and concern for all their clearances.

CNI utilize the very latest in industry technology to arrange the quickest possible customs and quarantine clearance of your cargo. CNI is a registered user of the Australian Customs Service (ACS) on-line computer facilities giving us access to the following facilities:

Customs On-line Method of Preparation from Invoices of Lodgeable Entries

Electronic Funds Transfer of customs duty and gst

Electronic Lodgement of customs entries

Export Clearance facilities

Tariff Tech
Tariff And Precedence Information Network

CNI and our customs brokers are both company and individual members of the Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarding of Australia (CBFCA) and fully accredited by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) to enable the smooth clearance of all Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments with minimal delays and cost.

Our customs brokers are educated and experienced to advise clients on the most cost effective and efficient methods to ensure that both customs and quarantine formalities and requirements are met prior to the arrival of their consignments.

In addition to our normal day to day clearance of cargo through customs and quarantine we also offer the following services:

  • Tariff Consultancy
  • Refund Applications
  • Duty Drawback Applications
  • TRADEX Schemes
  • Valuation Advices
  • Landed Costings