Containers may be imported into Australia through all major ports. Movement may be permitted from the Brisbane Port to Cargo Network International Pty Ltd’ Depot for quarantine.

  • The exterior is free from contamination by soil or plant material
  • The goods, packing and interior of the container are not contaminated with material of animal and plant origin or soil
  • Containers with exposed timber components are registered with AQIS
  • A packing declaration from the supplier-packer is required to confirm if timber packing has been used. If so, a fumigation treatment certificate from an AQIS approved company must accompany the shipping documentsation.
  • Shipping documents to the consignee and be presented to AQIS on request.
  • No straw, rice hulls or similar plant material are used for packing.

FCL containers which conform to AQIS requirements for registration, packing and cleanliness and do not contain goods subject to quarantine can be released immediately.

FCL containers which contain goods subject to quarantine must go to a break-bulk depot for unpacking and inspection unless prior AQIS clearance has been given. Cargo Network International Pty Ltd provide a one-stop-shop for your importation needs with our on-site break-bulk depot and approved quarantine fumigation area.

For more detailed information on quarantine requirements for FCL containers contact the specialists.Cargo Network International Pty Ltd.

Provided the exterior of the LCL container is free from contamination, all LCL containers entering Australia will go to a quarantine controlled area for unpacking and treatment.